Friday, July 27, 2012

What’s in your purse?

There used to be a fun meme going around to share the contents of your purse and I thought it would be fun to share what’s in mine today! The rules: No taking anything out, photo the things in your purse as is! If you’re not a purse person, share what’s in your wallet/backpack, etc.


Here are all the things you’d find in my purse!

1. Three tubes of Mentha lip gloss//Bath & Body Works 2. Dark Kiss lotion//Bath & Body Works 3. Wallet//Rue 21 4. iPhone 5. Black moleskine journal//work 6. Pink moleskine journal//personal 7. Current book//The Female Brain 8. Colored pens 9. Keys 10. Crystal Light packets 11. Emergency deodorant 12. Sunglass case 13. Sunglasses//Prada 14. Work badge & keys 15. Hair ties & bobby pins

Below is the Roxy bag/purse I’ve been using lately. Not exactly a “purse” purse, but it has a lot of room and different pockets for all my stuff which I love and keeps me a little more organized. My wallet is crammed with all the receipts, loose change, id’s, cards, etc. which definitely helps me keep a clean purse.


So this begs the question….What’s in your wallet, purse?

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