Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I recently started following The Pleated Poppy and she posted a fun link party today I thought I would join, What I Wore Wednesday.

Now, I am no fashionista by any means! Remember the app that changed my life, or at least my wardrobe and closet? I’m still using it and experimenting with my outfit choices. I can’t say I’m trendy though, I’m just a simple girl but sometimes I pull off cute looks. ;)

I have the option to dress up or not at the office, and often days I do. Now that summer has hit I am loving skirts and dresses and capris! So it’s funny that on a day I see this I am wearing a skirt!

PS – Ignore my “I just got home from work” face and hair. And the fact that my sheer shirt billowed out in the wind and gave me a not so slimming tummy. ;)

PPS – Thanks to Gwynie for snapping this photo of me!


Shirt// TJ Maxx

White Cami// Kohls

Wrap around skirt// Mall store (purchased 11 years ago!)

Flip Flops// Old Navy




Necklace// Wal-Mart (yup!)

Earrings// Claire’s


This outfit is super comfy and I love how flowy everything is. So, what did you wear today?!

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