Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Real Deals on Home Decor

Today I wanted to share THEEE cutest home décor shop I visited over the weekend! Jake went to high school with the owner and saw her sales and updates via Facebook and said we should go check it out which I was more than happy to oblige! Real Deals on Home Décor is in Tooele and is less than 10 minutes from our new house.

It is filled with totally cute collectibles, and is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays, BUT they rotate décor items weekly. I only bought two little decorative orbs on Saturday since it was 15 minutes away from closing time when we arrived, but I’m sure I will have many more pieces from this amazing place!

Since I went with Jake (or drug Jake along with me, ha) Jennifer (the owner Jake knows) let me have a sneak peek of the back room with the new items that will be coming out this week. She recommended to buy it if you like it because chances are it may be gone the next week (since they rotate the items each week). There were definitely things I LOVED in the back room and I can’t wait to go back on Thursday!

These are some pictures I snagged from their Facebook Page. There is so much that I love! There are some pieces that aren’t necessarily my style, but there are things that I see in each picture that I love and want to share.


1. White no. desk 2. Green topiaries 3. White candle holder 4. Giant urns 5. Clocks 6. Yellow pots 7. Lantern holders

8. Bird houses 9. Laundry signs 10. Grass and plants 11. Bird and moss 12. Black plate

13. Aqua ball and holders 14. Green laundry canister 15. Mirrors


I am so excited to visit this cute store again and see what else I can find! Here is a sneak peek of the orbs I bought this weekend, and hopefully later this week I can show you how I used them in my new décor!


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