Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Painting and painting…

We painted our little hearts out for a week. Ok, more like three nights and a Saturday, but who’s counting? ;) I’m so glad the bulk of painting is over!

The kids each got to pick out their room colors, we did the master bedroom, and then did the rest of the house white. Plus I painted the trim white everywhere too. The house had this weird tan color all over the place and I had to get that out!

I’d like to paint one wall in the living room, and one in the dining room, but I’m still deciding on the perfect color. It will be an aqua type color but I want to get more stuff in the room before I pick it out. That will be a quick weekend paint job, but for the rest of the rooms we wanted to do those prior to moving in.

Here’s a quick peek at the paint jobs! Now after this I get to decorate these rooms, of course with kid approval. ;)

Gwynie’s Room

Her room also had this icky tan that I did not love. She choose Glidden Spring Green for her room and while it’s a bright green I’m sure it will look great with her bedspread.


Before and After

Gwynie Room







Brady’s Room

His room was all white which made it super easy to cover. He LOVES blue, and choose a color from Better Homes and Gardens called Wonder Blue.



Brady Room







I know these colors may be a bit outrageous for some, but I love being able to let my kids pick out something they love and see the joy on their little faces when they see their rooms.

Overall the kids are really excited with their paint colors and their rooms. Like I said, decorating now will be fun, but Gwynie has already been very vocal about what she likes and doesn’t like, so I’m sure this will be an experience to see where these rooms take us! ;)

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Della said...

Love the colors! I think it's important to let kids choose. After all, they are the one's who will be in there the most. they should enjoy it :)

Also...those are pretty tropical colors!