Monday, July 2, 2012

Living Room Transformation

As we start this whole crazy redecorating thing in our house, I thought it would be fun (ok maybe interesting) to look back on our earlier days and how our living room has morphed, and what direction I want to take with this new house and new look.

Our very first living room was a hodgepodge mix of things like any newly married couple. We had a cute little sofa for our townhouse and odds and ends to make up a room.

The only pictures I had are ones I’d have to scan in, so we’ll skip that part for now. ;)

Once we were a little more established, and in our now “old house” I embraced the theme I’d been building on which was a woodsy-outdoors look. Give me some credit, it was around 2005-ish that in your household decor. Am I right?


The upstairs was our formal living room, and we had a smaller room in the basement (it was a split level house) that was our family room. That room was so packed and so small that I never bothered to take pictures of it that I can recall. This room though, was always clean because we never used it which was dumb to have a room you were never in… It was nice though because it connected into our dining room/kitchen area and when friends came over the house was usually pretty tidied up.


I had cute little trees and pinecones and all sorts of decorations that tied into the theme.My hutch was on this divider wall that separated the kitchen and living room (the fridge was on the other side).


More little decorations and lots of scrapbooks.



The couches were a little worn after years of having them, but still comfortable. I debated slip covers for awhile and was planning on doing that until we made a big decision to redecorate that space and turn the smaller family room downstairs into my craft space. I’d outgrown the little office room we’d had and Jake encouraged me to take the bigger room.

So, fast forward to 2010 when I was finally over my woodsy theme and we made the decision to switch rooms. I still loved pieces of it, but overall I didn’t think it fit “us” anymore. I saved everything in case I could repurpose any items and if I suddenly had a panic about changing all this stuff out.

I decided to move some furniture around (we already had the black leather it was in our lower family room) and trade out different pieces that worked with the picture I had in my head. I wanted a darker look, full of black, brown and cream. Something rich and comfortable. We painted the long wall a pretty creamy brown color that worked really well to give that rich look I was hoping for.




I loved this room. I’m pretty sure I still do, but I’m feeling the need for change. I need color and brightness brought into my new living room.

A lot of things that were in my living room are going to stay there, but just get painted. A lot of things that were in my living room are going into my kitchen, and I couldn’t be more excited.

The end tables (excuse the light on the one) above and the coffee table below.



One of my favorite things about this room was this sign and the pictures. I had the vinyl made ages ago and finally put it on a board I painted black and then hung family pictures underneath it. This was above our entertainment center.

Living Room BA

Here’s a quick look at the room before and after. I loved the changes I made for the years it was that way. Now though, I’m looking forward to the next chapter in our living room.

I already came up with the idea and color scheme I wanted to go with, and once I knew that, I scoured and found images on Pinterest that would reflect the look I was going for.

Living Room Board

So here’s the new look – Orange, Navy and Aqua! Definitely bold, definitely out of my norm, but sure to be amazing once it’s all done.

This will be the room that will probably come together the slowest since I want to find things to make it “just right,” but I’m not in a hurry. I know it will take time and that’s the best part of it.

In addition to redecorating, the other nice thing about moving is that I control what comes back in the house and out of boxes. It has been so nice to toss things and get rid of the junk and clutter in our lives.

I can’t wait to share more of these fun ideas and projects I have planned for our new house!

Any projects you’ve been working on lately?

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