Friday, July 13, 2012

Fo’ realz yo!

It should probably come as no surprise that we are a bit exhausted from all this moving stuff.

It’s also probably not a surprise that we have a lot of things to do and projects to tackle with the new house, but our lack of progress in these areas is entirely related to my first sentence.

This is a blog segment that I’d like to call “reality” as I have some unsightly and somewhat funny photos of my lack of progress, or very minimal progress, as compared to the past couple weeks. I figured it was only fair since I’ve been sharing the pretty stuff (ha), and I love those blogs that keep it real and show you that they don’t always have it together either, which clearly I am not one of those always “together” people. ;)

The worst area has been the basement room which will eventually be my office/studio area. It is right off the garage (and laundry room) so it has been this catch-all for basically anything. Also, it’s been a storage place for all of our clothes that we moved that hadn’t been put away yet.  Photos taken early last week.


I made some progress on it this past weekend…but it’s still a long way away from being even close to organized. I setup some of my storage for my craft/studio side, but the rest is still a mess. ;) (Photos taken last night)



The next area that needs some attention is the kids bedrooms. The kids don’t mind, but we still haven’t put their beds together yet. Whoops. At least I can say that Brady’s bed frame is in his room. ;) I’m going to replace their dressers and desks, which I’ve picked out, but just need to order them. Then we’ll start the decorating…but first….the beds. Most likely happening this week (or weekend…ha).



Those are the main areas that are causing me grief, but I figure they will be taken care of this weekend. Hopefully. ;)

After that I might finally get around to hanging stuff on the walls and do some more unpacking…such lofty goals for the weekend. ;)

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Debbie Turpin said...

I live gwenies room. my favorite color. your doing great kandi.