Thursday, June 14, 2012

We’re back!

We had an amazing vacation filled with laughs and good times, and unforgettable experiences. It was incredible and almost unreal the places we saw and the unique opportunities we had each day on our cruise in the ports! I can’t wait to share the pictures and stories! I would definitely like to do that sooner rather than later so I can refer back to those posts when I finally get around to scrapbooking those photos. ;)

However, it will be awhile I think before that can happen, ha! This is my life at this very minute in time.


Unpacking and washing four peoples vacation laundry for two weeks, along with packing and preparing to move!

See, we knew we were going to be moving almost as soon as after we got back from our trip, and although we won’t be doing major moving of furniture for a couple more weeks, I still want to get a head start on this whole packing thing.

The moving will hopefully be as painless as possible with the help of great friends and bribes of pizza and beer for their services. :)

After that, I get to do the exciting part ---- redecorating! (!!!) Way excited for that aspect and have already started getting together some ideas on what I’d like to do in each room. I’ll be sharing some of those ideas and plans as I go along and will definitely be repurposing some of our things and doing a little DIY here and there.

So, it may be awhile for me to post any fun or crafty endeavors until we are settled in the new place and I can unpack all my paper goodies, but I’ll work on some vacation posts in the meantime!

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