Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why “Kandi & Company?”

When I made the change over to my new blog I thought about the title and what I wanted it to reflect. I carried around “Krafty Kandi Krafts” for almost four years and felt that wasn’t all encompassing anymore.

As an individual we all wear many hats, and like that example I wanted a title that fit all my hats. It’s not just crafts anymore. Yes, the paper crafting is still there, but it’s about family, books and maybe even recipes or daily life tidbits. It’s all those things that I want to share and blog about. It’s me, but it’s about them too.

“Kandi & Company” stuck with me for some reason. Then I decided why not. It’s me and them and everything in between. It’s silly to feel like I need to explain it, but I thought if I ever wanted to go back to the reason I started, and then continued this blog, I just have to look at the title.

They’re my crew, my posse, my wolf pack (ha), and my company through this crazy life. They’re the reason I scrapbook, and want to learn more and be better. They’re my everything and as cheesy or corny as it is, they really do complete me. ;)


Easter, April 2012 @ the in-laws house

PS – I told Gwynie she had to stop growing. If she keeps going she might end up taller than Jake and I but thus far she hasn’t acknowledged the memo! ;)

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