Monday, May 28, 2012

We’re Crusin!

We are so excited! This trip has been highly anticipated by the four of us for awhile!

First up, a trip to Florida……


To see these awesome people, my fam!

This was taken in 2010, we missed out last year on a photo, better get it updated this time! We all look so different, it is definitely time for a new photo!


We’ll leave the kiddos with grandma and grandpa, which all parties are thrilled and stoked for, while Jake and I are treated to a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise! We’ll be on the Legend, and have booked excursions at each destination on our trip.


To make things even sweeter, Jake and I decided it was time to upgrade our camera! We got the Nikon D5100, and purchased the additional 200mm lens, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Still learning everything, but thus far I am loving it! Hoping to take some fabulous pictures to share with you after we get back!



Then, once our cruise gets into port, that night we have the pleasure of watching my youngest sister in a roller derby bout! Go Ocala Cannibals!



We are all ready for some fun and some R & R! The kids are officially checked out of school, our dog Ryker has been taken to the doggy hotel to be boarded while we are gone, and our backs are all packed!

We’ve been counting down the days, and now we’re counting down the hours! Our flight leaves at 6:00 am which means a very early morning start (like four hours from now). I probably better get some shut-eye if I possibly can. The anticipation is killing me so who knows if I would be able to sleep anyway, haha Can’t wait to see my family and I can always sleep on the plane right? ;)

I may not be blogging during the time we’re gone but can’t wait to share some fun photos in two weeks! Florida here we come!

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Della said...

So excited for you to get here! Yes, we need to update the family picture... we look so different now!