Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shaving Heads for the Fight Against Cancer!

I’m very fortunate to work for an incredible company that gives back to it’s employees in countless ways. I’ve been on the receiving end of great perks, but also appreciate the fact that CLEARLINK gives back to the community and takes care of their employees.

A co-worker was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemotherapy last week. She was going to shave her head and several guys, including my husband and his whole department, shaved their heads alongside her! It was a great event and the perfect way to show our support! CLEARLINK did a booth at the Race for the Cure event this past weekend, raised money for the Komen Foundation and designed and sold shirts for our team!



Part of the group that shaved their heads! We had about 20 guys total.


Here goes Jake!


Jake was the first to go and then all his employees (pictured right behind him) followed his lead! These guys are pretty trusting of their boss! ;)



Now it’s Ben’s turn!


They’re missing one guy, but here’s Jake with his team. His guys are great and I was super proud of all of them!


These are all pics I took with my phone that day. I think it’s cool what my husband did and it meant a lot to Diane to see everyone do this for her. Plus, he’s still a hottie to me. ;)

Way to go guys!

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