Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pumpkin Carving–A Scrapbook Layout

Trying to challenge myself and scrap some older photos. I have the hardest time scrapbooking holiday photos for some reason. They tend to stack up and I now have three or four years (ok maybe more) worth of Halloween and Christmas photos waiting to be scraped. Maybe this will be the year I finally scrapbook those lingering pictures from 2006. ;)

The story: Forcing myself to get with the program and tackle some of the holiday photos from years past. I pulled out these old pumpkin carving photos of the kids from 2007. Still have the pumpkin patch and costumes to scrapbook, but progress has been made.

They layout: I used this sketch from Soul Scrappers to get started. It’s called a “Negative Space” sketch as there is lots of white space and pen room on the layout which I loved as I wanted to use a pretty busy patterned paper. This is a combo of several bits and pieces from my stash, but when you’re just doing two colors it’s easy to match white, black and orange up for a cohesive look . :)

Tip to Note: I layered a little bit of washi tape under my cardstock with the “2007” year stickers to set it apart. I love how using such a simple backing gives it a different look and allows it to stand out.

Pumpkin Carving Brady

Brady’s page above and Gwynie’s below. I love to create similar pages for the kids of the same event, so easy to reproduce and they end up with the same memories in each of their books!

Pumpkin Carving Gwynie

This is the sketch the layouts were based on. I think I was able to stay fairly close to sketch although I moved my title over a smidge.


I realize sharing a Halloween layout in the summer is a little odd, but I’m just glad to have these done and in the kids’ books instead of in my photo sorter, haha. :)

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