Monday, May 21, 2012

New Threads – A Scrapbook Layout

New school year, new threads. It’s always interesting to see what the new trends and styles are and then see what my kids will like and gravitate towards. As the school year wraps up I wonder what to expect in a couple months when we start this process again.

The story: Gwynie has always loved the skull and cross bones/Avril Lavigne look and was thrilled to find several outfits with skull and cross bones on them. These were taken on her first day of fourth grade.

The layout: I had these papers together with these photos for awhile, but never felt that stroke of inspiration to complete a layout. There was a recent challenge on Soul Scrappers (one of my fave scrapping challenge sites) with criteria that included different sizes of patterned paper. This worked perfect to use these sheets and came together so fast!

Tip to Note: If it wasn’t for this challenge I probably wouldn’t have figured out a fun way to use all these patterns. Experiment with different sizes and don’t be afraid to cut them down!

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