Wednesday, May 9, 2012

iPhone Photo Apps I LOVE!

I admit it, I’m addicted to my iPhone.

I love the functionality and everything I can do with it.

I love that my calendar and emails and basically my whole life resides in my phone.

I love the App Store.

I love that it takes great pictures and that I can edit them in fun ways!

I posted some pictures on Friday that I’d used my favorite photo apps on and I thought I’d share those apps with you today in case you were wondering how I did that. These are the top three apps I use to edit photos taken on my iPhone.



Instagram is probably one of the most popular photo sharing and editing apps right now, at least in my opinion from what I’ve seen. It’s a free app that allows you to add filter effects and blurring options to spotlight a part of your photo. You can instantly share your photo with your followers on Instagram, but also post to other networking and social media sites. Instagram is FREE which makes it even more appealing and is super easy to use!

Here are some photos I’ve edited with Instagram.

photo (8) photo (10)photo (9) 

1. Trying out two new wines 2. An awful cold 3. Brady shooting Grandpa and Gwynie with his marshmallow gun from the tree house


pic stitch

The next app I use is Pic Stitch, a great program for you to combine multiple photos into one making a cool collage. Have you ever taken a few pics on your camera, and wanted to share them all without all the uploading work? This app is perfect for that! Whether it is two or four, you can choose different layout combinations to combine all your pictures together. There are 36 different templates to chose from!

These are just a few of the more basic templates they offer. There are so many to choose from and fit pretty much any look you are going for.

photo (3) photo (12)photo (11) 

1. Combing Ryker  2. Temperature in UT vs. FL – looks close that week!  3. My mom, myself and sisters all in glasses, I finally got a pair!



This next app ties in with Instragram and allows you to add text, labels and frames to your photos. I found this as I was looking for a way to add text to my photos. It is an app that you have to pay for ($1.99), but I really love TypoInsta and after using it feel it’s worth the price tag.

You saw these photos on Friday, but I thought they were worth sharing again since you can see some of the different effects used here. All the text, colors, fonts and even the little washi tape corner all come from TypoInsta. I did use the Pic Stitch app to create the photo collages.

 photo (4) photo (6)photo (5) 

1. Jake’s shoulder surgery process  2. Crazy kids using my phone  3. Parents and Pastries


Are there any I’m missing out on? Any app recommendations you’d like to share (photo or not) that I should check out? Let me know!

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