Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Couture in Motion–Fashion Show

Jake and I had the unique opportunity to attend the Couture in Motion fashion show presented by Ballet West and Farasha last Friday night. A fun thing about this event is that all the models are Ballet West dancers!

Our company was a sponsor for this event so we had All Access Pass tickets which included admission to the pre-show party, reserved seating and complimentary drink tickets and hors d’oeuvres. To say this was a swanky event would be an understatement!

I didn’t take my big camera and really wished I would have. There were some great looks and just the experience of watching a fashion show was amazing! I totally understand why these are a big deal now, ha! The clothes that were modeled were available for purchase and are carried in the retail store, but unfortunately were well out of my price range. They were incredible though! Also, one detail I loved was that all the dancer/models wore either French braids or buns. I said to Jake at one point that you can never underestimate the power of those seemingly simple looks, they were stunning!


Favorite look of the night: Pairing gray, white and coral pink together…gorgeous! Also, the layered/ruffle dress with the white leather jacket was one that even Jake took note of and really liked.

Weirdest look of the night: Super long pockets on the outside of baggy pants (seen on the end of row four). What were they thinking? I don’t get it.

Weird but amazing look: Purple top with green tights, and then flipping it with a green top and purple tights for another look. Cool idea! Reminded me of the Joker from Batman, but still a cool look that I sort of want to try out now!

The Shoes: TO DIE FOR! I swear every single shoe I saw I wanted! There were several styles that were all decked out in rhinestones on the heels. I’m ready to pull out my bedazzler to get this look. ;)

Hair and Make-up: Again French braids and buns rocked this show. I felt some of the girls had too dark of make up on for their skin tone and they didn’t play up their features or accent their outfits. There was a lot of gray on the eyes and with all those bright and gorgeous outfits I would have loved some purples, greens, pinks and just a few grays.

While at the pre-party we were asked if we wanted to purchase raffle tickets with the proceeds going to the ballet. We decided to purchase one, since they were $25. We figured either way it was for a good cause whether we won anything or not. We looked at the prizes and I said we should drop our ticket in the bowl with the least amount of other tickets. ;) Although there were prizes like four tickets to the ballet, and makeup classes for up to six people, I said Jake should put it in for the Porsche sunglasses. Funny enough, he won!

He ended up winning the Porsche P 8478 Sunglasses and they are pretty cool! We still can’t believe he won, and we had a fabulous time and an awesome experience!

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