Monday, May 7, 2012

Closet – Clothing Organized App

I’m reposting this to my new blog since my previous one lost all of it’s photos. Due to changing emails for spam/hacking I lost my Picasa album (my mistake not saving that) and unfortunately this post including all others was missing all of the pictures. Preserving it here!


I read somewhere that women wear 10% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Think about that stat for a minute…

I would agree that I fall into that statistic. I have my favorites and I tend to wear those outfits or tops more often. I also run into a problem, that I’m sure is common among most women (and maybe even some men), where I spend more time than necessary trying to figure out what I’m wearing in the morning. Whether I feel like I have “Absolutely no clothes!” in my closet and lament the shortcomings in my wardrobe, or I try on five different outfits in the morning until settling on the first outfit I tried on, some mornings are just rough in the clothes department. So what’s a simple and organization loving girl to do?

Find an app, that’s what.

Since my iPhone and I are besties, and my whole life resides in my phone and calendar, it only makes sense that there had to be an app to solve this issue for me.


After a quick search for “outfit organizer” I found a few different apps and all seemed from the details that it would be a fit for what I was looking for. The only downfall I thought, was that each app was $2.99 or $3.99. Now I didn’t have a problem paying that price, but what if I didn’t like the one I purchased and another one might have been better?

Luckily there was an app that was a “Lite” version and was free to test out. Closet Lite is a basic version and you can really get into the app and see what it’s all about. The only downside is it only lets you upload about 15 items, which I didn’t even get through all my shirts with this. By that point though I felt like this would be a good solution to what I needed and it was user friendly which I loved. I went ahead and purchased the full priced Closet - Clothing Organized app and started adding in all of my tops and bottoms, and then created my own categories for skirts, cardis and tanks.


Something I loved that was a result of adding in all of my clothes, was it forced me to evaluate what I had in my closet. If I didn’t think something was worth being photographed and possibly become part of a randomly generated outfit, then I knew it wasn’t for me anymore. Sure it was still cute and in style, but just not something I loved anymore. I organized my tops and tanks (that I layer with cardigans) and was excited to see everything laid out in front of me, just ready to be paired up into an outfit!


Once you’ve added in your items, you can start to create outfits. I do have a couple casual outfits in here, like for Fridays, but my main ones are work outfits, which I created a category for. The nice thing is you can go as simple or extreme as you want when adding your items in. I didn’t add in shoes or accessories for the most part since those I just pair up in the morning and they’re easy, but you can add those in and they take up the blank space to the sides you see. You can create your outfits manually, or get random outfits when the app pairs up items for you.  As you can see I have a lot of black pants to work with. ;)


I’m on my second week of using this app, and I had scheduled my outfits four full weeks out. The great part - I won’t wear the same top over the course of four weeks!  I didn’t add in my casual weekend wear clothes though, only my work type outfits. This not only saved me a little time, but made sure that I was getting my main outfits in that I would be consistently wearing.



Another fun feature I like is you can click on the outfit at the bottom to see what pieces these are (you can name each piece and outfit) and even see the dates you’ve worn these on. That was one of my problems too, I would forget what I had worn the previous week, ha!

I’m not a fashionista or trendy dresser by any means, but I am a girl and I do love clothes and a cute outfit. Not only can I stay organized, but feel like I’m getting more out of my wardrobe! If you have other fun tips to share on staying organized, or if you have recommendations on other organizing apps I’d love to know!

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