Friday, May 4, 2012

Catching up on daily life

Thus far this year we’ve celebrated my 30th birthday, Jake’s 31st birthday, Brady’s 9th birthday and Easter.

We’ve attended our annual company winter party “Flappers and Fedoras” where Jake was an Employee of the Year Nominee and we got to dress up in our 1920’s getup.

We had a blast with friends at a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day party and have recently barbequed and spent time together with multiple groups of  friends and enjoyed the great weather.

We’ve spent time in the wrestling room and out at the softball fields with the kids in their practices, games and tournaments.

And after all of that, we’ve still managed to fit a few more things in and enjoy some family time, and even managed to squeeze in a date night for Jake and I.

Catching up on daily life at the Phillips house… (all taken with my iPhone)


photo (1)

Jake and I did dinner at Z’Tejas and followed it up with a movie. We ordered the trio appetizer and it was amazing!

photo (2)

Grilling at our house is a year round event, but having summery foods on the grill makes it even more special! Shish kabobs are the best!

photo (3)

Ryker turned a year old in March and is going through his first round of blowing his coat. Ryker is a Siberian Husky and has three coats…and he is losing his winter undercoat! You can see how it was coming out in clumps and patches in his rump. This is just a small sampling of all the fur he is losing! I think we’re almost past this crazy stage and he just has a little left.

 photo (7)

The other thing keeping us very busy is Jake’s shoulder surgery recovery! He is four weeks out of surgery and has been doing Physical Therapy for the past two weeks.

photo (4)

Jake had torn both his bicep tendon and labrum during wrestling season this year and within two weeks of a doctor visit, MRI and appointment with the orthopedic surgeon he was scheduled for surgery. It’s a 4-6 month recovery time which means he loses softball, summer wrestling and archery, but it means he will be back in time for the high school wrestling season. He’s recovering well and can finally sleep in our bed instead of on the couch so we’re both pretty happy campers about that. ;)


photo (5)

I LOVE my iPhone and apparently so do my kids! I found this collection of photos in my camera roll and knew I had to put them together in this collage. I have such silly kids! This is just the randomness here at our house!

photo (6)

I went with Brady to Parents and Pastries, a cute event the PTA did last Friday. Brady and I got to the school at 7:30 (am, yikes) to get our chocolate milk and pastries, and then sat down to read a book together. It was great spending some one-on-one time with my little man.


Spent some time organizing my studio and finally made some new scrapbook pages recently. Really happy with how one of the layouts came out and even better, I used my stamps and mists on this one!


Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day, do you have any plans?! This is the first weekend we don’t have softball or wrestling and I’m hoping to soak up some quality time with the fam, but also unwind and enjoy some time in the studio playing with paper, ribbons and embellies. I signed up for the free Big Picture Classes that I found out about through Creating Keepsakes and am looking forward to it!

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