Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Brand New Blog – A Brand New Start!

I wasn’t thrilled that I lost my email and subsequently lost my Picasa album (long story), but it opened me up to starting a new blog. I had always wanted to change my blog url to my first and last name instead of my previous blog “kraftykandikrafts” because after awhile I realized I wanted to blog about more than just my paper crafting.

I wanted to blog about our daily life, our awesome foodie experiences, our trips and travels, and other random things. However, I felt that I couldn’t combine the two and when I did I felt a pressure on myself to keep it up. Somehow I lost the joy in blogging and crafting and realized this was a way I could go back to what I really wanted to blog about.

So, a new blog and a new start at blogging. I also realized along the way that I didn’t blog for comments, I blogged for myself and to somehow preserve these happenings in our life. Excited for this new chance to start blogging again and hopefully enjoy this path once again. I have a few plans and ideas on what I’d like to do, but I’m not putting pressure on myself. Ready for a fun ride, hope you’ll join me.

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